Sunday, August 22, 2010


Suzie has been frogged! The dark color of the Berroco, the cables, and the Alpaca simply didn't mix. It look my 30 minutes to cast on 287 stitches and I did the first 20ish rows and just didn't think it was coming out nicely. So I did a swatch of just the cable (thinking maybe I was doing something wrong.) However there was no salvaging my poor Suzie! So she went to the frog pond. The photo below is a picture of her when she came off the needles and before she was ripped out.

So the next question was ..... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW! I was away from a computer, my needles and only had the book "More Big Girl Knits"! So I went through the book frantically and found "Cable Love". Which is a pattern I've lusted after for awhile. The cables are MUCH less complicated and I figured since the band is what you do first it didn't really matter if it didn't look great because who cares about ripping out 22 stitches. I mean I just ripped out 20 rows of 287. 22 doesn't impress me anymore! :)
After doing the first 120 rows (of the 578 for the band) I really like it so far. The color is still dark but I think once its blocked it'll look great. And I've learned dark color = boringish sweater. But I'm happier. I don't know if it will be done in time for my Birthday. But I would be very excited if it was!
So here is a new sweater that I hope not to rip out. And that I hope to complete sooner rather than later!


  1. ribbit... story of my life, too!

    I was just looking at the Cable Love cardi the other day. It's beautiful. One thing I was thinking about in terms of fit... make sure that that band hits in EXACTLY the right place on your torso. I know I'd have to add some inches above the band to make it look attractive on me. Even on the model, I think it needs another inch or inch and a half to better accommodate her girls. JMHO obviously. But I thought I'd share it now since you're in the beginning stages. Good luck, hon!

  2. Yeah I was thinking of adding a few inches myself. They want you to pick up the lower body first, I am planning on picking up the upper half first. I want it to fall about an inch under my bust i think. But Luckily I think I'll be able to try this on while I'm working on it! Thanks for the advice. Advice is always welcome on this blog! :)