Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Married!

The museum I work at recently had an exhibit open that I can honestly say I helped with from beginning to end! A few months back Jill my boss/friend (jillybeanstalk@blogspot), Kevin the maintenance repairman and myself came up with the idea for an exhibit on Wedding Dresses. It took literally MONTHS and a constant uphill battle for the exhibit to be approved BUT in the end we beat city hall and we had approval! :)

I learned a lot about the field I'm currently working in while helping put the exhibit together. Most of that involves drama and I don't want to get into that! I just want to be proud of myself. I met an AMAZING curator from the PA State Museum in Harrisburg. I also figured out that I like textiles more than I thought I did. I also love household items, but I'm narrowing down my interests in the field. Which is good! I also learned that sometimes you just have to let things fall off your back. The fact that I think panels are ridiculous doesn't matter! And the saying "Shit rolls down hill" is very true!

These photos are by no means the whole exhibit, I of course want people to pay the $6.00 dollars to see the rest. The exhibit is titled "Just Married 70 Years of Weddings in Coal Country" and we have 6 fabulous dresses and one mens suit along with some artifacts! The museum is the Anthracite Heritage Museum in Scranton PA. If you are in the area come visit. I'm around Monday though Friday and I'll be happy to give you a tour!

This dress is a fundraiser. It is a size 12 Henry Roth gown which is being raffled off on October 24th. Tickets are $10.00 each. The dress has never been worn and looks BEAUTIFUL! And if I was a size 12 I would totally get it just to parade around my house in it! :)
Guenevere painted this mural which looks fantastic! I wish that I could paint!
All in all a great exhibit and I hope to someday be a curator at my own museum so that I can make some decisions! :)

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  1. What a great idea for an exhibit. I'm fascinated by wedding customs... you couldn't show me enough wedding dresses or diamond rings. Congrats on your participation. Great job!