Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh this sweater ....

Well I am still working on the sweater. I haven't given up yet. Which I think might be my stubbornness! The band is supposed to be 578 rows for the size I was working on. And it was supposed to be 58 inches. At 420 rows mine was 79 inches!!!!!!!! So I went to Ravelry and looked at all the other people who have worked on this. I am not the first person to have this problem! (Phew it isn't my terrible knitting!!) So I ripped back to the correct amount of inches and that I started picking up for the top.

I'm going at this sweater with the expectation that at any moment I will rip this out and never work on it again. However I did a lot of math and some measuring and if all goes according to plan I will have a sweater by Rhinebeck!
My strategy for the sweater is NOTES!!! I'm writing EVERYTHING down so that when I have to repeat it for the other side I can! I figure that way even if it doesn't fit I can always give it to someone and it wont be lopsided! As I said I picked up for the top (although the sweater says do the bottom first.) I figure that if the top doesn't work I'll rip, but I wont have done ENDLESS back and forth on the bottom already!

My mantra is from my Grandmother (Or the Fra!)
"Prepare for the Worst. Hope for the Best"
This is about 1.5 inches of the top (attached to the band). You cast off for the sleeves and work back and forth on the front. (Starting with the right.) I've done another 20 or so rows since this picture and so far so good.

Fingers crossed!


  1. And now you know ALL ABOUT how to properly measure something! ^_^

  2. I do no a lot about measuring Guenevere! Thank goodness for the PCC!

    Thanks Julie. :)