Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well it's been an interesting two weeks since I last wrote. In my knitting world the Feb. Ladies sweater has been put away for a little while because I'm kinda bored knitting it. I'm about to start a knit along mystery sweater for Warm Woolies (exciting!) I'm currently working on Bern's Bellas Scarf and a pair of socks. :) So the knitting world is going well.

Weight Watchers is also going well. I've lost a total of 21.6 pounds! I haven't been doing all that well. But I will do better! However I have been taking the dog for longer walks! Which when your my size is saying something! lol

My job is not going so well. I am ACTIVELY searching employment. The overnights STRESS me out! I have this TERRIBLE feeling before I go in EVERY day. And I hate it! Sadly there isn't a lot of work right now. But hopefully something will come up! (SOON!)

Well I'm currently knitting and watching the Librarian (I'm really enjoying!)

Happy Easter!

Katie :)