Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well it's been an interesting two weeks since I last wrote. In my knitting world the Feb. Ladies sweater has been put away for a little while because I'm kinda bored knitting it. I'm about to start a knit along mystery sweater for Warm Woolies (exciting!) I'm currently working on Bern's Bellas Scarf and a pair of socks. :) So the knitting world is going well.

Weight Watchers is also going well. I've lost a total of 21.6 pounds! I haven't been doing all that well. But I will do better! However I have been taking the dog for longer walks! Which when your my size is saying something! lol

My job is not going so well. I am ACTIVELY searching employment. The overnights STRESS me out! I have this TERRIBLE feeling before I go in EVERY day. And I hate it! Sadly there isn't a lot of work right now. But hopefully something will come up! (SOON!)

Well I'm currently knitting and watching the Librarian (I'm really enjoying!)

Happy Easter!

Katie :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2nd Week of overnights!

My second week of overnights is ALMOST over! After tonight I'm off till Saturday! Last week at Weight Watchers I lost 1.4 bringing my total to 18.8! :) I'm so close to 20 I can taste it! However it hasn't been a great week. I had a terrible day Friday (family stuff) and ended up running away to Suzi's in Philly! Which was great! However we ate TERRIBLE! and I felt guilty for running away from my problems! Luckily my mom and I talked about out issues and were doing better.

My knitting is moving along. I've got almost one sock done for my second pair for Warm Woolies. They are really cute socks that have a seed stitch! My sweater is moving along. I've got like 12 inches done on it! I also just cast on a scarf to match the Bella gloves I made for Bernadette!

Well I've remember to update! One more long night! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009


I started my new overnight shift last night. It was so nice to go to work and not HATE it. And although from 5:30 to 6 am I was HURTIN it went well! I suppose tonight and tomorrow night will be the true test. However I must admit I love my job again which I wasn't loving it so much last week! :)

I FINISHED my first Warm Woolies sweater However it is TINY! (Apparently I knit TIGHT! LOL) I also went to the grocery store and discovered 99% fat free chef boy r d Ravioli! They were magnificent! and only 6 points for the can! I was THRILLED! I also bought enough strawberries to last a year. :) I lost 2.2 pounds last bringing my total to 17.4. I'm superexcited! :)

Well I'm off to watch Chuck and knit!
Katie :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Bicycle built for two..." Ahh the Quiet Man!

Well what did it take me a week to start forgetting to write in this! The problem is i think of stuff I want to write when I am NO WHERE near my computer! So I think I am going to have to start jotting things down! It is a lazy saturday at 828. I have like 5 loads of wash to do. And if I don't clean my room my grandmother may actually throw me out! (BAD!)

So I'm working on THREE knitting projects right now. I know no why I don't do this. I like results and the more I have going on the less I get done! I have the Warm Woolies sweater going. All it needs is two sleeves. I am hoping to have that done by next Sunday for the WW sit and knit at Cozy Cabin. I also started the February Ladies sweater. I am only about 20 rows into that. I am making in a size smaller than I am in the hopes that when I wear it next winter it will fit! :) I am also working on a super cute pair of socks with pink, cream and brown sock yarn! I love them so far. I had a pair of Harry Potter socks going, however I HATED the pattern I was using so i frogged the second sock and will probably toss the first sock which is already completed! (Unless someone knows how to disassemble a sock!) I finished my first sweater this week. It was a cabled baby sweater for my niece bella! It is SOOOOO cute! I love it! and I didn't hate the seaming as much as I assumed I would. Although it was fairly small! (Made to fit a 2 yr old!)

I am kicking some SERIOUS Weight Watchers butt! I've lost 15.2 so far! I am THRILLED! And waiting for my first big screw up! I am also trying to figure out how I am going to get through the parade. I think my plan is to only drink at the bars. I wont be able to afford much so I wont drink much and if I stay fairly sober I might not make as many bad decisions as last year! I've found some GREAT WW recipes and I may post them here so I can remember them!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weight Watchers....

Well I rejoined Weight Watchers last week and i did ok last week, so I was TERRIFIED to weigh in this week ... however it didn't go nearly as bad as I thought it would! I lost 9.4 POUNDS! Which is SUPER EXCITING! Now I am fairly certain I will gain next week (seeing as I lost so much in a week.) I am soooo happy!

Onto knitting - I'm making my first sweater. (It's for my best friends daughter Bella's first birthday!) I've got about 8 inches of the back completed so far and I'm hoping that the rest goes quickly also! I'm also working on TWO pairs of socks! One is for myself (i've been working on them for about a month now lol) and the other is for Warm Woolies. It's a charity giving wool clothing to needy children! 10 items in 10 months! HOPEFULLY I get them done!

Well goodnight!

Katie :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new day.....

So I'm starting a blog (I am becoming that girl!) I'm starting a blog because if i spend anymore time knitting my hands are going to fall off! Also because I want to spend HOURS talking about myself! :) (KIDDING!) I'm sure this wont be that interesting, it'll only be about knitting and dieting and I'll probably be emo sometimes! However I am hoping that this wont be like my livejournal account from middle and high school! (Which I am scared to find and read!)

Anyway welcome heres my first entry!

Usually people start there New Years resolutions on New Years, I however wait until February! (It's what i do!) I've got tons of goals this year, hopefully I'll actually accomplish some of them.

1) Rejoin Weight Watchers (which I did last week!) and actually stay on the program (which I'm working on!)

2) Find a REAL job. I love the one I have but I'm getting a little to old for it.

3) STOP BITING MY NAILS! (I'm not doing to bad on this HOWEVER I do constantly have knitting needles in my hands!)

4) KNIT SOMETHING FOR MYSELF! (I haven't made myself anything since July and I'm a selfish person! WTF!)

Talk to you soon, Katie :)