Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Bicycle built for two..." Ahh the Quiet Man!

Well what did it take me a week to start forgetting to write in this! The problem is i think of stuff I want to write when I am NO WHERE near my computer! So I think I am going to have to start jotting things down! It is a lazy saturday at 828. I have like 5 loads of wash to do. And if I don't clean my room my grandmother may actually throw me out! (BAD!)

So I'm working on THREE knitting projects right now. I know no why I don't do this. I like results and the more I have going on the less I get done! I have the Warm Woolies sweater going. All it needs is two sleeves. I am hoping to have that done by next Sunday for the WW sit and knit at Cozy Cabin. I also started the February Ladies sweater. I am only about 20 rows into that. I am making in a size smaller than I am in the hopes that when I wear it next winter it will fit! :) I am also working on a super cute pair of socks with pink, cream and brown sock yarn! I love them so far. I had a pair of Harry Potter socks going, however I HATED the pattern I was using so i frogged the second sock and will probably toss the first sock which is already completed! (Unless someone knows how to disassemble a sock!) I finished my first sweater this week. It was a cabled baby sweater for my niece bella! It is SOOOOO cute! I love it! and I didn't hate the seaming as much as I assumed I would. Although it was fairly small! (Made to fit a 2 yr old!)

I am kicking some SERIOUS Weight Watchers butt! I've lost 15.2 so far! I am THRILLED! And waiting for my first big screw up! I am also trying to figure out how I am going to get through the parade. I think my plan is to only drink at the bars. I wont be able to afford much so I wont drink much and if I stay fairly sober I might not make as many bad decisions as last year! I've found some GREAT WW recipes and I may post them here so I can remember them!

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