Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The finish is in sight!

Sorry it has been so long. I've been working CRAZY hours and trying to see my friends. (for some reason when I don't see them they get annoyed!) I've also had a cold (still fighting it) and whenever I've felt like blogging I've had nothing to report. And finally Sunday when I did have something to tell you I haven't had time to blog! I've been working 6 am till 4pm and it is literally killing my knitting life. I didn't pick up a ball of yarn or a set of needles for 72 hrs. I don't know if thats happened since I started knitting almost 2 years ago! And tonight I didn't go to my local sit and knit because I was to tired to drive the 45 minutes tonight to get there!

Back to my sweater I have FINALLY finished the body! I actually really like how it came out. It isn't my best look, I'm still looking for that! Anyway I went to String Thing Shop on Sunday and I took the first 45 minutes that I was there and cast off the body! I than hid in the bathroom to try it on. Praying like crazy that it would fit! And it did! :)
These photos were taken at the Museum by Jill. Who I would like to thank for taking them! :) You rock!
I'm hoping that with sleeves, a collar and blocking the seater will look better. I'm also hoping with makeup, a hair brush and better jeans I'll look better wearing the sweater! Heres to hoping!
As I said I didn't do any knitting till tonight when I picked up the sleeve stitches. With that came my big decision. Long or short sleeves. I went with longer than the pattern calls for and not an actual 3/4 length. I don't really like my arms and try to keep them covered at all times. Soon though I'll be finished the first sleeve and than I'll make a second add a collar and this will be a completed sweater for me. Which will be a first and mean that this blog is a success! Now that I'm so close I've been looking for something new to make. I like the one above A LOT! It is from the original Big Girl Knits which I've been trying to find for over a year! Than at Barnes and Noble on Sunday my friend Brenda found it! (Good find Bren!) So now I do believe that I have every book with plus sized patterns in it! lol
Well one more 10 hour day of work. Than a knitting afternoon Friday and a secret knitting project for Saturday night! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

So I know this is a blog about knitting. But this commercial (for the store where I buy ALL of my clothing) was not played on FOX or ABC. Two of my favorite channels! I think that it is ridiculous that this video wasn't played because if you watch if you watch either channel you will see women wearing less in the programming and in commercials played on the channel! I'm just annoyed and thought I would post the video!

Have a lovely weekend! Katie :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I got a few complaints that people who didn't have Blogger couldn't leave comments. I have remedied that situation and all should be happy in the world of Katie's Blog! :)

The never ending, kinda scary way to big STASH!

I'm still diligently working on my sweater. I am now 24 inches into the body and am thinking of going another 2 or 3 before I do the ribbing. I tried it on again on Sunday at the yarn store and the girls said it looked OK. I don't know if they were trying to make me feel better or not though! That is all there is to say on the sweater this week however I want to keep writing. However the only other knitting project I have on my needles right now is being made as a surprise for someone who reads this blog! So I can't blog about that! :)

Instead I'm posting about my LARGER than life stash! I am first going to state that I admit I have a problem, and it is sock yarn! I love that I can buy any color no matter how it will look on me and knit it into crazy, cute, fun socks! I also love digging my hands into my sock yarn and seeing what I come up with. That being said I also hate how disorganized my sock yarn is. I literally had to call a friend to ask if I owned a color of yarn last week. Which I did it was just BURIED under all my other yarn.

This is the long view of all the yarn I own. The mass of already knitted is the yarn I'm using for the sweater. (Can you tell I hate ripping. I've been ripping that out since September!)

This bin below is my sock yarn. I need to figure out another way to store it. I have this full plastic drawer FULL. Which would be fine but I have a tendency to forget if I bought some things and I can't easily find them in here. Sock yarn is my addiction. Partially because whenever I go to a new store I feel like I should buy something. Sock yarn (ranging from 18 to 30 dollars) makes that possible! :) If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them! This is an empty bin and basket I had yarn in.

both of these bins were full.
and this basket!
So I had a thought. I would organize my yarn not by color, but my amount. I had one large tote that I separated any worsted weight yarn that I had 2 or more of. So the Keltic I have waiting for me to make something fabulous out of is in here, as is the yarn my Uncle Kevin bought me to make him a beret and another pair of Worsted socks with. But I was smart (for once) and I put the lid on and taped a piece of paper which has a list of the brand, amount and color of all the yarn I have in here. Than I don't have to dig.
All of the misc. yarn I have in sport weight or only one of is in the bottom drawer, with the sock yarn about it. (Yes that is a Harry Potter DVD I needed a HP fix last weekend! lol!)
This is all the worsted weight that I've already used part of the skein. I would love to crochet an afghan. I think I may have to take a page out of my blogger friend book and start that. I will also have to learn to crotchet. But hey stranger things have happened right?!
This is all the little balls of sock yarn I have laying around that I want to start a sock yarn blanket out of. The problem is I HATE weaving in ends. So that may never happen! :)
Well I'm off to watch Glee and work on my "secret" knitting project! Hope you enjoyed looking at my yarn!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I missed you!

Oh blog! I have been really bad and not written in over a week. It isn't because I have
n't wanted to, it is more because I haven't worked much on my sweater. So I've decided to blog about some other things! First I must wish you all a Happy Easter! and now i'll update you on my knitting "lifestyle!" First off my dear friend Brenda is opening her own knitting store called String Thing Shop and some friends and I went to help paint and do arts and crafts last weekend. It was really fun! As you can see there might have been some wine involved in the afternoon! We made this really cute yarn balls and all they were made of was: Styrofoam, scrap yarn and glue. I am seriously considering making myself a wreath. Now I don't know that I would do with a wreath. I suppose I could make my crazy Grandmother hang it on her front door!

Note to knitters everywhere: If your yarn looks like rolled up old pantyhose PLEASE i beg you DO NOT USE IT! lol

The finished balls of yarn! Don't they look awesome! I can't wait to see them in the store!

Well I have been working on my knitting, even if it hasn't been my poor neglected sweater! A friend Darlene asked me to make her some baby clothes, it is a elf hat (from Charmed Knits!) a jacket, pants and BOOTIES! I love how it came out and I hope that the baby wears the outfit in good health! (And yes I did take this photo at work and that is why there is a picture of miners on it and paper work everywhere. Our curator might not be the most organized person to walk this planet!)

Alright much as my sweater has been neglected I have made some decisions and I started the stomach shaping. First I decided not to do the line through the boob. Mostly because I couldn't figure out the directions (which was annoying!) But also because I didn't want a boob line. lol So It is just going to be a sweater. But I'm ok with that!

I've never made a top down sweater for a woman and i must admit that I love that this has shaping. I have a SLIGHTLY smaller stomach than I do boobies! I've done 2 of the decreases and so far I think it looks nice! There is def. an end in site seeing as I'm almost 20 inches in and that the sweater is only 25 inches. Now I might make mine slightly longer seeing as I am a tall woman but we shall see. I have my poor knitting friends will be watching me prance around in a half finished sweater! :) But I'm thrilled that I am def. going to have enough yarn and that I am getting to be almost done!

That is all I have right now, but I hope to have some news soon! :)