Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The finish is in sight!

Sorry it has been so long. I've been working CRAZY hours and trying to see my friends. (for some reason when I don't see them they get annoyed!) I've also had a cold (still fighting it) and whenever I've felt like blogging I've had nothing to report. And finally Sunday when I did have something to tell you I haven't had time to blog! I've been working 6 am till 4pm and it is literally killing my knitting life. I didn't pick up a ball of yarn or a set of needles for 72 hrs. I don't know if thats happened since I started knitting almost 2 years ago! And tonight I didn't go to my local sit and knit because I was to tired to drive the 45 minutes tonight to get there!

Back to my sweater I have FINALLY finished the body! I actually really like how it came out. It isn't my best look, I'm still looking for that! Anyway I went to String Thing Shop on Sunday and I took the first 45 minutes that I was there and cast off the body! I than hid in the bathroom to try it on. Praying like crazy that it would fit! And it did! :)
These photos were taken at the Museum by Jill. Who I would like to thank for taking them! :) You rock!
I'm hoping that with sleeves, a collar and blocking the seater will look better. I'm also hoping with makeup, a hair brush and better jeans I'll look better wearing the sweater! Heres to hoping!
As I said I didn't do any knitting till tonight when I picked up the sleeve stitches. With that came my big decision. Long or short sleeves. I went with longer than the pattern calls for and not an actual 3/4 length. I don't really like my arms and try to keep them covered at all times. Soon though I'll be finished the first sleeve and than I'll make a second add a collar and this will be a completed sweater for me. Which will be a first and mean that this blog is a success! Now that I'm so close I've been looking for something new to make. I like the one above A LOT! It is from the original Big Girl Knits which I've been trying to find for over a year! Than at Barnes and Noble on Sunday my friend Brenda found it! (Good find Bren!) So now I do believe that I have every book with plus sized patterns in it! lol
Well one more 10 hour day of work. Than a knitting afternoon Friday and a secret knitting project for Saturday night! :)


  1. I finally went to STS last night, and you weren't there :( I hear you smell like llama poop though, so maybe it's just as well! :P

  2. lol I do smell like Llama poop. and cow poop. I wanted to go but I wasn't capable of driving that far without falling asleep! I'll be expecting you next week though! :)

  3. Oh, and I meant to mention in my last comment that your sweater is looking fabulous :)

  4. Thanks Annie! I love compliments! :) Hopefully it'll be finished for Wed and than I'll have to do is block it! :)