Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weight Watchers....

Well I rejoined Weight Watchers last week and i did ok last week, so I was TERRIFIED to weigh in this week ... however it didn't go nearly as bad as I thought it would! I lost 9.4 POUNDS! Which is SUPER EXCITING! Now I am fairly certain I will gain next week (seeing as I lost so much in a week.) I am soooo happy!

Onto knitting - I'm making my first sweater. (It's for my best friends daughter Bella's first birthday!) I've got about 8 inches of the back completed so far and I'm hoping that the rest goes quickly also! I'm also working on TWO pairs of socks! One is for myself (i've been working on them for about a month now lol) and the other is for Warm Woolies. It's a charity giving wool clothing to needy children! 10 items in 10 months! HOPEFULLY I get them done!

Well goodnight!

Katie :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new day.....

So I'm starting a blog (I am becoming that girl!) I'm starting a blog because if i spend anymore time knitting my hands are going to fall off! Also because I want to spend HOURS talking about myself! :) (KIDDING!) I'm sure this wont be that interesting, it'll only be about knitting and dieting and I'll probably be emo sometimes! However I am hoping that this wont be like my livejournal account from middle and high school! (Which I am scared to find and read!)

Anyway welcome heres my first entry!

Usually people start there New Years resolutions on New Years, I however wait until February! (It's what i do!) I've got tons of goals this year, hopefully I'll actually accomplish some of them.

1) Rejoin Weight Watchers (which I did last week!) and actually stay on the program (which I'm working on!)

2) Find a REAL job. I love the one I have but I'm getting a little to old for it.

3) STOP BITING MY NAILS! (I'm not doing to bad on this HOWEVER I do constantly have knitting needles in my hands!)

4) KNIT SOMETHING FOR MYSELF! (I haven't made myself anything since July and I'm a selfish person! WTF!)

Talk to you soon, Katie :)