Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new day.....

So I'm starting a blog (I am becoming that girl!) I'm starting a blog because if i spend anymore time knitting my hands are going to fall off! Also because I want to spend HOURS talking about myself! :) (KIDDING!) I'm sure this wont be that interesting, it'll only be about knitting and dieting and I'll probably be emo sometimes! However I am hoping that this wont be like my livejournal account from middle and high school! (Which I am scared to find and read!)

Anyway welcome heres my first entry!

Usually people start there New Years resolutions on New Years, I however wait until February! (It's what i do!) I've got tons of goals this year, hopefully I'll actually accomplish some of them.

1) Rejoin Weight Watchers (which I did last week!) and actually stay on the program (which I'm working on!)

2) Find a REAL job. I love the one I have but I'm getting a little to old for it.

3) STOP BITING MY NAILS! (I'm not doing to bad on this HOWEVER I do constantly have knitting needles in my hands!)

4) KNIT SOMETHING FOR MYSELF! (I haven't made myself anything since July and I'm a selfish person! WTF!)

Talk to you soon, Katie :)

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