Sunday, April 4, 2010

I missed you!

Oh blog! I have been really bad and not written in over a week. It isn't because I have
n't wanted to, it is more because I haven't worked much on my sweater. So I've decided to blog about some other things! First I must wish you all a Happy Easter! and now i'll update you on my knitting "lifestyle!" First off my dear friend Brenda is opening her own knitting store called String Thing Shop and some friends and I went to help paint and do arts and crafts last weekend. It was really fun! As you can see there might have been some wine involved in the afternoon! We made this really cute yarn balls and all they were made of was: Styrofoam, scrap yarn and glue. I am seriously considering making myself a wreath. Now I don't know that I would do with a wreath. I suppose I could make my crazy Grandmother hang it on her front door!

Note to knitters everywhere: If your yarn looks like rolled up old pantyhose PLEASE i beg you DO NOT USE IT! lol

The finished balls of yarn! Don't they look awesome! I can't wait to see them in the store!

Well I have been working on my knitting, even if it hasn't been my poor neglected sweater! A friend Darlene asked me to make her some baby clothes, it is a elf hat (from Charmed Knits!) a jacket, pants and BOOTIES! I love how it came out and I hope that the baby wears the outfit in good health! (And yes I did take this photo at work and that is why there is a picture of miners on it and paper work everywhere. Our curator might not be the most organized person to walk this planet!)

Alright much as my sweater has been neglected I have made some decisions and I started the stomach shaping. First I decided not to do the line through the boob. Mostly because I couldn't figure out the directions (which was annoying!) But also because I didn't want a boob line. lol So It is just going to be a sweater. But I'm ok with that!

I've never made a top down sweater for a woman and i must admit that I love that this has shaping. I have a SLIGHTLY smaller stomach than I do boobies! I've done 2 of the decreases and so far I think it looks nice! There is def. an end in site seeing as I'm almost 20 inches in and that the sweater is only 25 inches. Now I might make mine slightly longer seeing as I am a tall woman but we shall see. I have my poor knitting friends will be watching me prance around in a half finished sweater! :) But I'm thrilled that I am def. going to have enough yarn and that I am getting to be almost done!

That is all I have right now, but I hope to have some news soon! :)


  1. Love the baby set! Cute colors.

  2. the baby clothes you made for darlene are definitely very cute!

  3. Thanks Annie and Jill! :) Baby clothes no matter what they look like are cute. It is something about how small they are! lol :)

  4. Looking good, gf! The baby apparel is darling and your sweater looks terrific. I applaud the decision to both remove the boob line (which, if you have any bustline at all, will ALWAYS ride up and be annoying) and to lengthen the sweater (longer line, cover the belly, etc.). Keep going!

  5. Thanks for the Baby outfit Katie; the parents loved it and it recieved much ohhing and awwing at the baby shower.