Thursday, March 25, 2010

It FITS!!! :)

First off I must ask you to forgive the HORRIBLE photos! But I was in my work uniform (it seems counter productive to change when I'm not going anywhere.) I must also apologize for my Dads messy house. and I must forewarn if you are at all offended by fat people please stop reading. I do not photograph well and I do not feel the need to suck in my stomach. I'm fat. My work clothes do not help that and I was trying on a half finished sweater!

I've been knitting away on this and have finally gotten to the part where I add the crochet boarder. However I am a little concerned and wondering if I should go another inch or so before I add it. The girls (boobs) are large and I don't need a line going through the bottom of them. (I hate shirts that have a line through the boob area! It draws the eye and doesn't look nice!)

I am also deciding if I should even add the crochet edge of if I should just keep knitting till I get to the bottom. I have this sick feeling this sweater was designed for a SKINNY women in mind with a flat chest. I am neither! So I'm a little nervous, but this is generally where I start to freak out on a sweater and quit! So to my 3 readers what do you think I should do?!

And now onto my current annoyance! I had to put like 1/2 the stitches onto waste yarn before I could really try it on. I did this so I wouldn't lose the stitches while I was trying it on. Normally this would be no problem but of course I didn't have a yarn needle and ended up using a tapestry needle. Which worked. However threading yarn through it took a lot of my patience!

So I'm asking opinions. Should I quit this project or should I keep going. And while I wait for answers I'm going to work on baby clothes for a friend I work with. The wonderful thing about baby clothes is they always look cute because they are little.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I say keep going! It's so hard to tell this early on what the finished product is going to look like. If you hate it the more you get done, then quit, but if you're not sure, keep going and see what happens!

  2. Thanks Annie! Your advice rocks! (As do your knitting Skillz lol!)

  3. You've gotten this far. I think you should continue! If it turns out you really truly hate it by the time you finish it, you could always sell it!

  4. Thanks Geuniviere (I promise to learn how to spell your name!) and Jill! I guess thats what I'm going to do! :)

  5. GIRL! It looks great! Absolutely keep going. I'd add an inch or two to that yoke, but I hate things riding up on me. That sweater was DEFINITELY made for skinny chicks although Wendy Bernard definitely believes sweaters can be made for anyone. Have you seen her? She's a blonde, skinny, California chick. So trust your instincts that her stuff was designed for thin girls and do what you have to do.

    But here is my most important advice: leave yourself be. You don't need to apologize for anything - your father's house, your size, ANYTHING. You are a child of God/the universe/whatever and you are perfect just the way you are. I wish you lived near me... I'd be hauling your ass off to see Precious. So please leave my highly talented knitting friend alone, okay? xxxooo

  6. Thank you! :) I love reading your comments! They always make me feel great! I sadly haven't worked on the sweater since FRIDAY! :( Because I'm working on some baby things for a friend of mine. However before I took my three day break I added another inch and tried it on again and I think I need to go one more! So than you again for the great advice and I'm thrilled that your up and typing again!

  7. Keep going, girl... and post more pics.