Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Whats the Skinnny?!"

Today I named my sweater! Mostly because requires it. But I kinda like the name "Whats the Skinny!?" Mostly because I am not skinny! lol

This sweater is moving right along! I finished the upper back on Monday and joined for KNITTING IN THE ROUND! NO MORE PURLING until I get to the ribbing! I was thrilled! Now the sweater is started to look like a sweater! (Kinda and only if you are a knitter!) I am hoping that the edging you add at the end makes the cast on stitches for the front look a little better. I mean they look fine it's just that there is two inches of straight and than a slow increase which slopes into the front. The third picture down kinda shows what I'm talking about. Other than that I am thrilled with the sweater thus far! :)

I have 24 more rows until I seperate for the sleeves! :) So I'm going to get some knitting done tonight! I'll be back once the sleeves look like sleeves!


  1. yay keep it going!

  2. Girl, it looks GREAT! And very much like a sweater. Knit on... can't wait to watch your progress.