Sunday, March 7, 2010

And so it begins.

As I said yesterday I choose the Skinny Empire pattern so knit as my FIRST complete sweater for myself.
Can we talk about the fact that I don't think it is fair that I don't look like this gorgeous (sideways!) woman! Oh well.

I decided to do the 3 XL size. It is a 53 1/4 inch bust. Which from my measurments should fit! I'm using Cascade 220 heathers yarn. I purchased it at Cozy Cabin, which is my favorite yarn store! My brother told me when I bought the yarn that it was a terrible color but I have always loved it. It is a gray with a little pink and blue shining through. I am using a size 4 (US) needle and a size 3 (US) needles.

My goal for yesterday was so swatch so I could figure out my gauge and to cast on the sweater. Now for every knitter who has EVER met me knows that I HATE to swatch! I never ever do it. However I felt that since I am actually going to finish this I should feel confident that I'm going to have enough yarn and that it will fit! So I swatched and figured out that i was spot on with my gauge. This is probably because I am the TIGHTEST knitter or record. I know you can't read the ruler but it says 4 inches and there are 24 stitches in there!

After i finished the swatch it was time to watch a movie with my brother and grandmother. (Across the Universe, terrible movie GREAT music.) Anyway I cast on and got through the first round of increases and started the second. It is boring at this point and not in the good way. I love just knitting because I don't have to pay attention to it. However this isn't like that because I am knitting and purling! I don't like purling all that much. It makes my right hand hurt especially on these needles. After about 2 hrs of knitting today I have one more increase row before I cast on the front of the sweater and start knitting in the round! Can't wait!!

I'll keep you posted! for now I'm going to Panera for salad and I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland. Where I'll hopefully finish knitting the foot on a very boring sock!


  1. Love the color, love the sweater. And let me break the news: you are a gorgeous woman, as gorgeous as that skinny bitch on the cover. So there. :-)

    Every knitter hates swatching. But it's required, just like brushing your teeth or getting an annual OB/GYN exam. If you want the sweater to fit, you've got to swatch first. Just the way it is. So good for you for doing it!

  2. Thanks for the postiviness (word??)of this reply!! and the giggle I got when reading it! :)