Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The never ending, kinda scary way to big STASH!

I'm still diligently working on my sweater. I am now 24 inches into the body and am thinking of going another 2 or 3 before I do the ribbing. I tried it on again on Sunday at the yarn store and the girls said it looked OK. I don't know if they were trying to make me feel better or not though! That is all there is to say on the sweater this week however I want to keep writing. However the only other knitting project I have on my needles right now is being made as a surprise for someone who reads this blog! So I can't blog about that! :)

Instead I'm posting about my LARGER than life stash! I am first going to state that I admit I have a problem, and it is sock yarn! I love that I can buy any color no matter how it will look on me and knit it into crazy, cute, fun socks! I also love digging my hands into my sock yarn and seeing what I come up with. That being said I also hate how disorganized my sock yarn is. I literally had to call a friend to ask if I owned a color of yarn last week. Which I did it was just BURIED under all my other yarn.

This is the long view of all the yarn I own. The mass of already knitted is the yarn I'm using for the sweater. (Can you tell I hate ripping. I've been ripping that out since September!)

This bin below is my sock yarn. I need to figure out another way to store it. I have this full plastic drawer FULL. Which would be fine but I have a tendency to forget if I bought some things and I can't easily find them in here. Sock yarn is my addiction. Partially because whenever I go to a new store I feel like I should buy something. Sock yarn (ranging from 18 to 30 dollars) makes that possible! :) If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them! This is an empty bin and basket I had yarn in.

both of these bins were full.
and this basket!
So I had a thought. I would organize my yarn not by color, but my amount. I had one large tote that I separated any worsted weight yarn that I had 2 or more of. So the Keltic I have waiting for me to make something fabulous out of is in here, as is the yarn my Uncle Kevin bought me to make him a beret and another pair of Worsted socks with. But I was smart (for once) and I put the lid on and taped a piece of paper which has a list of the brand, amount and color of all the yarn I have in here. Than I don't have to dig.
All of the misc. yarn I have in sport weight or only one of is in the bottom drawer, with the sock yarn about it. (Yes that is a Harry Potter DVD I needed a HP fix last weekend! lol!)
This is all the worsted weight that I've already used part of the skein. I would love to crochet an afghan. I think I may have to take a page out of my blogger friend http://blog.knittingatlarge.com/ book and start that. I will also have to learn to crotchet. But hey stranger things have happened right?!
This is all the little balls of sock yarn I have laying around that I want to start a sock yarn blanket out of. The problem is I HATE weaving in ends. So that may never happen! :)
Well I'm off to watch Glee and work on my "secret" knitting project! Hope you enjoyed looking at my yarn!


  1. Thank you again for the unwanted fancy bits! ^_^

  2. Ohh pretty yarn.

  3. Donde esta el sweater????? (Unfortunately, I don't the Spanish word for sweater.) Updates, please! And with pics. xxxooo