Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Wouldn't Understand ....

It's a String Thing. :) Which is what the super cute new T-shirt I got at the GRAND OPENING of String Thing Shop. I worked this weekend at the store, praying not to break the register. (Yes I really did pray, and have nightmares!) The store seemed to do really well and there was a awesome dyer, MadScienceYarns from Bethlehem there who hearts Harry Potter as much as I do! :) So congrats to Brenda and her new store, I hope that it is there forever. Mostly so I never have to travel more than half an hour to buy yarn!
I love love love free gifts and mugs! :)
Door prizes. I got some beautiful Cascade Dolce that my Daddy wants me to make a hat for him with! :)
The Gryffindor colorway, alright maybe it isn't Harry Potterish to anyone but me! But whatever! :)
The sock Brenda designed for the store, that I knit in record time! :)
and proof that I take a terrible picture, this doesn't do the lace justice!
This hat is for Game Knitting. Which is happening May 28 at STS. I'm hosting a party! (I know scary thought!) We are going to watch harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone and knit a hat at the same time. Think a drinking game with knitting!
The only projects I have going on now are a hat for my Uncle Kevin and I cast on a pair of self striping socks for myself last night. Mostly because I want to be a continental knitter and am making myself practice. :) That is all I've got for tonight. I hope everyone had a productive weekend!


  1. the shop looks good. if i knitted, i'd go there! haha, great job on the hat, by the way!

  2. thanks jill! someday you'll want to knit and i'll happily teach you! or i could just make you an awesome beret!