Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't Stop Believing....

Is an excellent song and just came up on my Pandora and is kinda what I need to be my motto. This blog is generally about my knitting life, but my current personal life is hurting my poor neglected knitting. Last week I was told that I would be being laid off from my job at the Anthracite Heritage Museum, effective July 1. That being said I was going to complete my time there September 15th and I had a clue that I wouldn't make it that long. However I would like to continue working in the museum field and I needed all the experience I could get. So now I'm spending all of my free time actively seeking employment in the museum world. I'm willing to move, so that broadens my search parameters. However there are a lot of other people looking for the same jobs I am. So wish me luck.

Now let me bring it back to the knitting world. The day I was laid off I ripped out a sock that was 3/4s finished and consisted of crazy cabling and lace. And everything that I've cast on since has made it a few inches before I rip it out. I am not happy with ANYTHING that I'm working on. So hopefully the sock I cast on last night and completed the ribbing will be a better excursion into the sock knitting field!

Also I must admit that I HATE HATE HATE knitting through the back loop and no longer am going to start socks that require it. There is ZERO stretch for my big feet and it makes my hands hurt. Also I'm looking for a sock yarn that has color repeats for about an inch. Because I just want a boring striped sock.

I need to thank my friends for listening to me whine, especially Brenda who pointed out that I need to keep positive. So no more saying that I'm not good enough and no one will hire me. I just need to wait for someone to be smart enough (like Jill was) to hire me!

Also Thanks for believing in me Jill! You were a great boss and your still stuck with me! :) Love you!
As I said before wish me luck on the job search and hopefully when I post again I'll be an assistant curator somewhere interesting!


  1. All right, young one, I won't be the first to say this to you, but when God/the Universe/Jacob/the Smoke Monster closes a door, they open a window.

    One of the worst days of my life was being laid off from my job. I can also say that that was one of the best days of my life because I started my own business. That was 14 years ago! Fourteen years of bliss not working for some dumbass who makes three times as much as I do.

    So know that something wonderful is around the corner for you. Make sure to look in DC where there is a museum on every block in the city. If you do, let me know and we'll do lunch.

    Persevere, girl! You'll be just fine. And persevere with the socks, too. When you find a great pattern for simple socks that fit well, please send it along. I'd love to make some socks for my big feet, too.

    PS - I finally figured out how to subscribe to your blog! So now I'll keep up to date.

  2. ahh, no problemo, katie! i wish i could work with you always. it would be a blast. hmmm maybe we should start our own consulting firm. love ya too!

  3. Aww, sorry you got laid off :( Not good. But I agree, stay positive, and don't get discouraged! Job hunting is not easy or fun, but you will never be an assistant curator unless you try!

  4. Thank you Julie, Jill and Annie!

    Julie I just cast on 68 stitches on 1.5 and do the basic sock. If it is a self striping. Otherwise a lot of the lace patterns you can add a repeat or go up a needle size or two. :) I also l do a slightly longer heel. and sometimes I decrease a few stitches on the leg after the ribbing. and I usually have less stitches on the foot than I do on the leg. (My feet aren't as wide as my fat leg! lol)

    Jill- consulting firm sounds great! You are tasked with picking the name! (I am not good at that!) :)