Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally blocked!

Can we first talk about how long it takes to block a 3xl wool sweater?! lol I finally took it off my bed today and itwas DRY!

So I must admit that I have no one to take pictures at my house. My grandmother is scared of my digital camera, so at some point I'll have a friend come over and take pictures. But here is what could do with a mirror. I LOVE how it looks now that it is blocked! It fits perfectly, and it isn't nearly as hot as I thought it would be!

The collar is really cute and its a good cut on me. The girls looks nice! lol :) Excuse my giant arm in the picture below I didn't know what to do with it! lol

All that being said I am thrilled I did this. It was fun making a sweater and trying to think of what to write about in a blog. Kinda made me feel almost important! Also there are a few mistakes in the sweater, I dropped a stitch two rows and if you look for it you can see it. But my girls from String Thing Shop always say that it is a "design feature." So I'm going to be happy with it! and I don't think that I have ever made something that is perfect. I'm just not that cool!
I have decided on my next sweater for myself, the Susie Hoodie from More Big Girl Knits. The pattern is actually why I bought the book, so I'm going to learn to seam I guess! lol I am going to use a navy blue Ultra Alpaca. (I Heart Berrocco Ultra Alpaca is feels like butta going through your fingers!) First though I have to make a felted beret for my Uncle Kevin, a pair of socks for him, and I'm making samples for my friends store! I'll post later this weekend with my WIPs!

Thanks everyone who read this on my sweater "journey" it has been really fun!


  1. put the self timer on and stand in front of the camera! i do that sometimes... although they don't always come out ok, haha.

    sweater looks good! and geeze, your hair is realllllly long! i'm jealous.

  2. Thanks Jill I'll try that!

    and the only reason you noticed my long hair is because you regret cutting yours! But I have noticed how fast it is growing, so it'll be long again before you know it! :)

  3. yay, Katie finished a sweater!!! It looks great :D Everyone is proud of you :P

  4. Thanks Annie! You rock! I can't wait to see you in the dress. Why don't you wear it saturday?!

  5. hahaha, I somehow don't see me getting all dressed up for you, but I'll think about it :P

  6. You are SO cute. Unbelievable. And that sweater is terrific. Congratulations, Miss Katie. I'm so proud.

    I also LOVE the sock you made for the store. What a talented little Irish lass you are.