Saturday, June 19, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love!

I finished my Harry Potter socks last Saturday. They fit perfectly and are super comfortable! I worked at String thing Shop which let me tell you is GREAT for my knitting! Brenda went to TNNA and got me a SUPER cute Della Que bag! So it was very much a successful weekend because I ALSO finished .... Bernadette's birthday Cowl. Which I foolishly showed her last Sunday and she kidnapped until I saw her last night for her actual Birthday! She loved the cowl and the other gifts she received! And I loved going to Thai Rak Thai. I ate "Holy Basil Duck" (mostly because I VERY much enjoyed saying the name!) and asked for it extra super scary spicy. Well it was and my stomach lining may never be the same! But it was excellent!

My friend Tara came to my house this morning to show me the fabulous crochet shawl she has deligently been working on for a few weeks! And she needed someone to show her how to block and she also needed someone who had the room to block! (Go me!) So here is a picture of one of my bestest friends blocking her first lace crochet shawl! Good for you Tara! I love you! :)
I went to a wedding this evening and my Mom took an awesome picture of my Brother and I! He is turning 21 tomorrow and I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday in blog land! :) happy Birthday Burke! You are an awesome Brother! It is also my Momma's birthday tomorrow! and since she taught me how to knit she is very important in my life! So happy Birthday Momma! :)

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  1. you and burke look really nice!