Sunday, December 12, 2010

Website up!

After a few months of knitting, a lot of set backs, and waiting for the website to be opened Baby Bottom Blues is live! :) The website is hosted by which is a site that offers "earth-, child-, and family-friendly items." It is a great site and I am hoping to sell lots of longies, skirties, soakers etc. There are 4 fabulous knitters who are selling on the website- Brenda, Jessie, Karen and myself! Our first items are up for sale and we will be adding more this week. So please stop by and buy, buy, buy, buy! haha :)

The website is BabyBottomBlues we also have a Facebook group and I'll probably get a twitter up and running soon. :)

I hope you "like" our page and I am hoping that this becomes a way for my to continue doing what I love (knitting) and maybe making some money while doing it.

And just an update --- as someone who wasn't going to do any Christmas knitting this year -- well lets just say I am and it is another year of probably not getting it all done till New Years!


  1. I hope your store takes off and you make a ton of money :)

  2. Congrats on the website; I'm sure it'll be sucessful. Dee