Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A sweater in 33 days!

First off this blob is my finished sweater blocking. :) I finished it last Thursday. I have to say that picking up the stitches all the way around and casting them off took a LONG time! But it was worth it. It really looks finished and after all the CRAZINESS it fits! I tried it on at work pre block and the photo below is my in my LOVELY work shirt in the basement. But its warm and it fits and it makes me happy. I will do a post after its blocked with how much yarn I used and all the changes I made to the pattern. (And they are many!)
I have been busily knitting a skirty with soaker which I finished on Thursday. (I also finished a pair of socks that I had been working on for MONTHS! Thursday was a great day for my knitting life!)
I used a whole skein of Cascade 220 (dyed by Jen) and about 1/2 a skein of the orange Cascade 220 for the skirty/soaker.

I had never done a skirty before and I found that I really didn't like it. Although since I am going to be running a business making these things I need to get over that! It isn't that they are hard it is mostly that they are boring. I bought the license for the EviePants All in One . Which means I can make skirties, shorties, capris, soakers and longies using her pattern and sell them. (Money is GOOD!) It is a great pattern I really like how she had the short rows set up (to make room for the diaper) and it really doesn't take long to make a pair.
These blue ones are not for sale. My friend Bernadette's sister is having a baby and I was invited to the shower. So I am making these pants (which need blocked) a sweater and some bibs and burp cloths. I'm hoping thats enough because I'm poor and can't buy a car sear and I don't have the time to knit anything else. I added a cable down the leg on this one. I love cables by the way. I think everything should have cables. I think they are really easy and add a lovely Irish look! (Have I mention my love for all things Irish before?!)

I used VERY little of the gray 220 for the trip and just over 1/2 of a skein of 220 Hand Paints from Cascade for the pants themselves.

I made this bid on Saturday for my friend Brenda. She is having a little girl in January and I need gifts for her to! (Have I mentioned my slight fear of crying babies. They make me nervous!) Anyway the bib has a cable up the side and around the bib. I used Sugar and Cream and it is a purple yellow and cream color! (Which are the colors of String Thing Shop the store Brenda owns!)


  1. Yay sweater! If you want to make more with the Sugar and Cream I now have a super wide variety of color thanks to the Yarn Gods. Let me know!

  2. Nice sweater. The baby clothing is adorable.

  3. Guenevere -- yes I would TOTALLY love to see the cotton yarn! :)

    Thank you Darlene! How is Texas treating you?